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Digital tech sector thriving

Digital tech sector thriving London’s digital tech sector will create an extra £12bn of economic activity and 46,000 new jobs in the capital over the … More >>

Employment continues to rise

Employment continues to rise The UK jobs market continued to improve in the three months to April, although the rate of wage increases slowed sharply, … More >>

Minimum wage underpayers ‘named and shamed’

Minimum wage underpayers ‘named and shamed’ A list of 25 employers who failed to pay workers the minimum wage has been released by the government … More >>

Unemployment hits five-year low

Unemployment hits five-year low Wage growth has started to outpace inflation after years of falling real earnings, and unemployment has fallen to its lowest level … More >>

Freedom cited as motivation to start small business

Freedom cited as motivation to start small business A study by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) has found that more than 50% of small-business owners claimed … More >>

Recruitment Sector Update: Download our latest report

Get your FREE report for recruitment agencies. The recruitment industry and jobs market are intrinsically linked to the economy, therefore 2014 is looking fruitful for … More >>

PAYE penalties being introduced

PAYE Penalties HMRC are to introduce further interest and penalties for the late submission of PAYE RTI returns and for late payment of PAYE liabilities. … More >>

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