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Recruitment News

Here is our latest Recruitment News. If you have any questions on how any of these articles affects you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Recruitment Sector Update: Download our latest report

Get your FREE report for recruitment agencies. The recruitment industry and jobs market are intrinsically linked to the economy, therefore 2014 is looking fruitful for … More >>

PAYE penalties being introduced

PAYE Penalties HMRC are to introduce further interest and penalties for the late submission of PAYE RTI returns and for late payment of PAYE liabilities. … More >>

Budget 2014: Our summary

George Osborne presented his Budget on Wednesday 19 March 2014. In his speech the Chancellor set the scene for the announcements stating that ‘If you’re … More >>

Economy to recover by summer

Economy to achieve full recovery by summer The British Chambers of Commerce has predicted that the UK economy will exceed its pre-recession peak in the … More >>

Employment Allowance – NICs cut by up to £2k

Employment Allowance – Businesses to benefit from £2,000 cut to NIC bills Businesses, Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs will be able to reduce their … More >>

Chancellor salutes small businesses

Chancellor salutes small businesses Small business are set to receive a letter from George Osborne saluting them for the contribution to the economy. Mr Osborne … More >>

Further fall in jobless

Further fall in jobless The number of people unemployed in the UK fell by 125,000 to 2.34m in the three months to December, according to … More >>

Recruitment agency staff face tax status change

Agency staff face tax status change HMRC is to change the tax status of agency staff from self-employed to employee in a move that could … More >>

Unemployment drops to 7.1%

Unemployment drops to 7.1% The ONS has reported that the UK unemployment rate has fallen from 7.4% to 7.1%, the biggest drop since the autumn … More >>

Employers face minimum wage fines

Employers face minimum wage fines Employers who break the law and do not pay their workers the national minimum wage are to face a major … More >>

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