Construction Benchmarking Report 2018

How do your costs and profit margin compare to others in the industry? Find out using our benchmarking report.

We are often asked by clients, how well they are performing against industry averages, whether there are parts of their business that can be improved and where the biggest drains on profits are.

As specialists in the construction sector, we have a good understanding of the typical metrics which businesses can achieve and this helps us to advise clients.

For the first time we are publishing our benchmarking research which is based on UK wide industry data. This shows the cost structure for construction firms, average profit margins and year on year trends, allowing you to compare your performance. We also include our commentary and tips to help you assess and improve your position.

Our construction benchmarking report covers:

  • Residential building construction
  • Commercial building construction
  • How you can act on these findings

It is important to note that these metrics will vary for firms between regions, size and other specific circumstances. However, the key purpose of this study is to direct your attention to the general industry trends, averages and contributing factors that could ultimately impact your profit margin.


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