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Why outsource your payroll to a managed service?

An efficient and accurate payroll operation is the sign of a professional business, and vital for maintaining employee relations and motivation.

However, with changing legalisation, many deadlines throughout the year and the administrational time required, businesses are finding this a huge burden on their resources.

At Rouse Partners we can help take this strain away by providing a tailored payroll solution for your business.

Outsourced payroll

Here are some of the key reasons why outsourcing your payroll might be the best option for your business:

  • Improved operating efficiencies – Payroll can be complex and time consuming, it may be more effective to let an expert handle the preparation of your payslips, administration of statutory sick pay, maternity and paternity pay, calculation of PAYE and NI and net salary. There is also preparation of forms P45, P60 and P11d.
  • Reduced costs – Outsourcing your payroll function reduces the cost of having an internal payroll specialist and eliminates the risks from them being absent or leaving the business. It also reduces the cost of needing to update your technology and systems at regular intervals.
  • Avoiding mistakes and penalties – Using a payroll expert will ensure you are compliant with changing regulations and do not make mistakes, which can be costly, incurring fines from HMRC. One significant change to payroll is Real Time Information and we can help you meet your new requirements.
  • Confidentiality and security – Having your payroll function offsite means less opportunity for confidential information to be misplaced. With an electronic payslip option, which we can offer, you can ensure employee data is kept safe. With information such as NI number, name, address, salary etc payslips can be very harmful if in the wrong hands. As you would expect all data transfer is encrypted.

We are more than just a number crunching payroll bureau, and provide a fully managed service with an attention to detail and commitment that will delight you.

The first step of the outsourcing process is through getting to know how you work. Before we set up your payroll service we will meet with you to build a full understanding of your business. This ensures we know your policies on maternity, paternity and sick pay. We will also understand your company pension and stakeholder pension payments, which means the transition to our service is simple and hassle free for you and your employees.

Contact us to discuss your payroll requirements further and to find out how we can help.

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