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VAT advice

VAT is a complex area and legislation is ever-changing. Making a mistake can lead to costly errors or being selected for a tax investigation. Our team is able to support you with a wealth of experience in all areas of VAT.

Protect your business and seize new opportunities

Our VAT advice services are cost effective solutions tailored to your business needs. We aim to proactively advise clients to ensure compliance with VAT legislation and to reduce the risk of HMRC penalties that can arise if a mistake is made.

Our VAT services include:

  • VAT advice – Detailed advice and guidance on a specific situation you are facing. If you receive an HMRC decision that we believe is disputable, we can take the matter to the First Tier Tribunal, preparing your defence and presenting the case.
  • VAT planning – When a business is considering its business strategy there may be different VAT options giving different results. We will work with the business to identify the options and advise on the best structure meeting the business objectives with minimal VAT cost.
  • VAT health check – Our experienced team will go through your business and check that you are meeting key VAT requirements.
  • VAT review – A VAT review comprises a VAT health-check, plus limited testing and a full management report of our findings.
  • International VAT advice – As members of Praxity, the largest alliance of independent accounting firms worldwide, we have access to experienced tax advisers in over 80 countries worldwide. This means we can also assist with international VAT advice and compliance work.

We also have specialist VAT experience in areas including, partial exemption, property development, construction, charities, sport clubs, education and healthcare.

Contact us today to enquire about our VAT consultancy services.

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