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P11D forms

We take away the admin strain and time involved in completing P11D forms

Most employers and directors are required to complete P11D forms to disclose employee benefits and reimbursements of expenses. Here is our guide to help you understand if you are required to complete a P11D form and the services that we offer to help you.

Do I need to complete a P11D form?

  • Are you a director, or do you have employees earning more than £8,500 pa?
  • Do you know what needs to be included on a form P11D?
  • Have H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) queried the forms P11D submitted by you?
  • Have you incurred penalties for the late filing of forms P11D?

P11D forms must be completed for all employees with earnings above £8,500 per annum (including the gross cost of any benefits provided and/or reimbursements of expenses) and for all directors who receive a benefit or expense from the company. For all employees earning less than £8,500, forms P9d must be completed if they receive certain types of benefits or expenses.

It is important to note that if you receive a form P11D(b) from HMRC this must be completed and returned by the due date even if there are no forms P11D/P9d prepared, otherwise penalties will be incurred for the late submission of the form.

How can we help with your P11D forms?

Our P11D Team offers employers a simple and easy to manage service and we can assist with the preparation of all required P11D forms.

Employers choose our P11D service because we can help you:

  • Avoid costly errors made in P11D(b) and P11D submissions – Following recent investigations, HMRC has advised that in most cases errors are caused by employers, particularly regarding tax codes for employees with benefits in kind and PAYE codes used.
  • Complete forms accurately and on time – We can prepare the required forms P11D(b) P11D/P9d as appropriate and calculate Class 1A National Insurance.
  • Improve efficiency – We will review your information and advise on reducing your paperwork. On completion of your P11D forms we will send these to you for approval and your signature.
  • Meet new HMRC requirements – We are able to send your forms electronically to HMRC.
  • Advise your staff – We can prepare all individual Expense Claim Advice sheets where required.
  • Deal with any queries – Which could be raised by H M Revenue & Customs on the forms P11D submitted.

Additionally, we offer a full PAYE health check service of your payroll and expenses. As part of your health check we can carry out a full review to assess items such as whether it is beneficial to offer companies cars, salary sacrifice advice and expenses systems analysis and consultancy, for both employees and employers.

We can either undertake the preparation of forms P11D and submit them to HMRC or alternatively, we can offer advice and assistance to those wishing to prepare their own forms P11D.

Our service is competitively priced and can lead to much greater efficiencies, from the time required for this work, through to savings made from how your employee benefits are structured.

Contact our P11D Team

To ensure that we are able to meet your P11D deadlines please contact our P11D team as soon as possible to discuss your circumstances and how we can help.

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