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Restaurants and pubs: Making the most of the summer weather

Majid Sadeghi

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Majid Sadeghi

With the summer weather finally upon us, it could be prime time for pubs and restaurants to entice customers in for food and drink.

So here are some of our ideas for pubs, bars and restaurants to get you thinking about ways in which you could boost your business through the summer months.

Firstly, you should consider your clientele and specifically what might attract them.

For example, if your establishment is near walking paths, the summer will inevitably bring out the walkers and cyclists, so when your guests leave, offer to fill up their water bottles, or even offer them a free one if you’re feeling generous. Also don’t forget our four-legged canine friends. A few strategic bowls of water will help you to win over the dog vote.

For city establishments it could be a popular time for cocktails, Ciders and Pimms, so make sure they’re advertised well. Equally, non-alcoholic cocktails will be a temptation for the teetotallers and designated drivers.

The good weather may tempt lunch time workers out, so make sure you have an attractive lunchtime menu. Set menus are also good way of pushing starters and appetisers, where there is more margin to be made.

If you attract families, a good selection of ice creams will help keep the youngsters happy and make sure there’s plenty of seating in the shade.

Finally, don’t lose track of who you are and what attracts your customers. If your business is based on quality food and drink, make sure you are maintaining your standards, even during busy periods. Have a plan in place for how you will capture your customers’ comments to share with other potential visitors, or better still, encourage them to share their feedback on TripAdvisor or other such rating websites.

These are just a small selection of ideas to get you thinking and you may already be implementing similar ideas or find that some are not suitable. If you are aspiring to grow, our team can give you one-to-one advice and ideas tailored to your business.

Visit our hospitality accountants section for more information about our accounting, tax and advisory services for restaurants, pubs, bars and others in the sector.

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