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Tax investigations

Need support and advice on a tax investigation? We can take the pressure off and help you consider your next steps.

With the government aiming to collect more by way of unpaid tax, you are now much more likely to find yourself in a HMRC tax investigation than ever before.

If you or your business are targeted it is very important that you have an experienced advisor by your side to fight your corner.

Tax investigation advice

If you are chosen for a tax investigation the financial and personal costs of a protracted case can be significant and we understand what a stressful and worrying time a tax investigation can be for you.

Our west of London based team of experienced chartered tax advisors will work to resolve your tax investigation, tax enquiry or tax dispute with HMRC.

Our tax team is comprised of knowledgeable tax professionals with considerable experience gained within the industry and from within HMRC itself.

You can rest assured that we will do everthing we can to defend your position, shelter you from the pressure and to get you the minimum possible tax penalty and settlement.

We deal with tax enquiries raised into individuals, partnerships, corporate and trusts. Our tax investigation services will be based on your exact circumstances but can include:

  • Reviewing your tax position
  • Preparing disclosure reports
  • Working together with other professionals, such as your solicitor, to achieve a settlement on your behalf
  • Preparing for appeal hearings
  • Dealing with conflicts with HMRC
  • Negotiating your tax penalties
  • Resolving tax investigations

Peace of mind with our Tax Investigation Service…

After we have supported you through your investigation, you may like to protect yourself against future tax enquiries. In the event that you are chosen for an investigation, we can help you at every step, demonstrating to HMRC that you are paying the correct amount of tax and assisting with the investigative procedures. As you will appreciate this takes time, expense, and flexibility on our behalf. Which means that HMRC enquiry charges are an unavoidable addition to our regular service fees.

Our annual Tax Investigation Service provides up to the equivalent of £100,000 towards our professional costs per matter resulting from an HMRC compliance check, including checks into Tax Returns, PAYE, P11D, National Insurance Contributions and VAT affairs.

Contact our tax investigation team

Contact an experienced member of our tax investigation team to discuss your case and how we can help. The earlier you can make contact with us, the more we can do to help quickly resolve your tax investigation.

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