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With technology becoming more innovative, so too must our accounting solutions for the businesses that provide them. Strong knowledge and experience in the sector along with our responsive and high quality service are why IT businesses choose our IT accountants in London.

Are you looking for IT accountants in London

The IT sector is constantly evolving. Improvements to technology and software naturally mean that IT businesses must adapt and expand their horizons, this is where a team of trusted advisors can support your business in exploring new opportunities and deal with arising challenges. That is where we come in.

We currently support over 45 IT businesses, meaning our team are experienced in the sector and can help your London IT business thrive in an increasingly competitive market. Our team are not afraid to ask the difficult questions to learn more about your business and identify forward-thinking ways to give your business that competitive edge.

Why choose our IT accountants in London?

By choosing our specialist London IT accountants and tax advisors, you can benefit from:

  • A Partner-led service: Unlike many other firms in London, your service will be led by one of our dedicated Partners. Your Relationship Partner will be there to support your business and provide a responsive service.
  • Our IT sector experience: With years of experience in the sector, we have clients ranging from start-up businesses to large firms. This means we have encountered and solved many unique issues IT businesses face.
  • Our specialism in R&D tax credits claims: We recognise to stay competitive in the IT industry, it is often important to innovate. That is why our award-winning team have secured our clients more than £4million worth of research and development tax credits to date.
  • Patent Box relief: Our team have experience helping businesses claim Patent Box relief and a variety of other tax reliefs and exemptions available.
  • Transparent fees: With no hidden fees, our fee structure is clear and easy to follow so you know exactly what you are paying for. Additional advisory services can also be called upon if required.

Would you like to know more about our IT sector services? Contact our team to discuss how our specialist IT team in London can support your business.

London technology accountants to support you

We support a wide range of IT businesses throughout London and the South-East, some of the types of businesses we support include:

  • IT consultancies and contractors
  • Data service companies
  • Robotics manufacturers
  • Software development companies
  • Cloud platform developers and SaaS
  • App developers

Our IT clients say…

Global support

As your IT business grows, so does the importance of receiving trusted advice. If your business has ambitions of expanding, merging or exploring international opportunities, as members of Praxity we can source a qualified specialist in your chosen region. Praxity is an innovative, international alliance of independent member firms operating in over 100 countries across the globe. Meaning that collectively we can support you here in the UK, or in new territories your business seeks to enter.

Client story – Ross Robotics

ross robotics
When you think of the chicken farming and nuclear power industries, you might struggle to imagine a connection between the two. That is unless you are Ross Robotics, who develop robots offering advantages to both sectors, as well as wider industry use. Read about their story and how we have assisted with grant funding applications, advice on setting up a tax-efficient Enterprise Investment Scheme and more on our client stories page.

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IT accountants in London

For an IT business to thrive, it is essential that they have a team of accountants who understand the sector and its ever-changing landscape. By having a team of trusted advisors by your side, your business can benefit from fresh ideas and new perspectives to consider.

IT business auditors in London

Are you looking for a firm of auditors in London for your IT business? As specialists in the sector, our audits are built with you in mind and our team have a breadth of experience delivering audits for IT businesses. Our audit process is designed to initially learn more about your business needs and then provide recommendations at the end of our findings, offering maximum value and assurance from your audit.

London tax advisors for IT business

Our award-winning team of London tax advisors can provide your business with both compliance and advisory services. Services such as our corporation tax return and VAT return filing services ensure you are fully compliant with HMRC, whereas our advisory services are tailored to fit your needs so we can deliver trustworthy, helpful advice.

R&D tax specialists in London

Our award-winning team of R&D tax advisors in London have carried claims on behalf of our IT clients and have secured over £4million worth of tax credits to date. We have never had an R&D claim turned down by HMRC, many IT projects apply including website rebuilds and improving cloud systems. Contact our R&D tax team to discuss your claim and how we can help.

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• Tax tips and industry guides
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